I have always loved herbal creams and have benefitted so much from them. I always have them in my First Aid Cabinet. I don’t go to them much but seem to always give them away and when I need them urgently, they are not there for my personal use. I must stop giving them away and tell my friends to buy their own as I don’t want to ever be without Calendula when needed.

I have been busy last few weekends and thought I knew everything about my stove but burnt the inside of my wrist not realising the severity until the next day as I just kept on with all that I was doing. I woke up to a wrist on fire and such a large blister that burst which meant the burning continued. I rushed to the health store and bought my favourite Calendula and started my regular treatment protocol applying 3 times per day and 3 days later the redness has become a pink and the whole area has healed. I know that there won’t be any scarring as the chemical makeup of Calendula supports new tissue growth and reduces inflammation, rash, and infections from forming around the wound. I can tell you that Calendula never lets me down and my burn is now no longer as evident as it was just a few days ago.


Calendula (also called marigold) is a native of the Mediterranean region. It is known as one of the most potent herbs for restoring balance to the skin. Medicinally, infusions, extracts and ointments have been used for centuries and prepared from Calendula can be found in many gardens, however not everybody is aware of its excellent medicinal value.

It is worth noting that Calendula is not only for burns, as the properties of this spectacular plant also extend to anti-inflammatory properties, putting it on areas affected by skin conditions may reduce inflammation whether this be on a rash, eczema, dermatitis, or an insect bite where inflammation is present. 

Speaking of insect bites, I do love making sure I have Tea Tree (Malaleuca Alternifolia) cream to apply on any bites as it has amazing antibacterial properties.  I even apply some on my ankles and arms if I am sitting outside on a warm night and know I am going to be bitten. These creams can also be used as a preventative. This amazing herbal cream is great if skin is infected after a graze or is generally sore before infection builds in the area.

The 3rd herbal cream I can’t live without is Arnica – (Arnica Montana).  I prescribe Arnica cream for anyone who has had a fall or even bumped themselves and bruising has started to form. I will never forget the day that I watched a toddler bang his forehead on the corner of a wall watching the bump just turn into the largest lump I had seen. I asked the mother to lay down her child and quickly found my Arnica cream. I immediately applied to the lump which simply disappeared right before our eyes. Since then I have prescribed this unique cream to all my clients and I make sure that I always have some Arnica at home too… whether there is a bruise from a fall, muscles aching, sprains, swelling from bruised or broken bones. Arnica cream should never be far away from you.

I am often asked if I can apply these herbal creams on open wounds, and I always suggest around a wound as every wound needs to remain dry to heal.  Remember to apply any of these creams at least 3 or more times daily until you are able to see that the burn has healed, the muscles are no longer aching, or the bruising can no longer be seen, or the redness and dryness of your skin is no longer present.


I just love nature and all her gifts. These 3 plants are truly a gift in all they provide when we are feeling internal and external pain. How lucky are we knowing we can support our own healing with herbal creams that provide a high percentage of these plants included in each. I am no longer giving mine away so I can have them in my First Aid cabinet for any of my very own emergencies.

Life is filled with surprises, some good and some not so good. It is always great knowing you can restore balance to your own body with effective natural herbal creams.


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