Martin & Pleasance has a longstanding history, with its origins dating as far back as 1855. Scroll down to see the key events of our history and how our business has continued to evolve with the passing of time.

  • 1855

    Where the story of Martin & Pleasance began – founded by Homeopath Mr Kidner in 1855 when he opened his homeopathic pharmacy at 85 Collins Street, Melbourne. Their portfolio consisted of Homeopathic remedies, Schuessler Tissue Salts and Herbal Creams.

  • 1860

    M Edward Gould bought the homeopathic pharmacy from Mr Kidner in 1860, renaming the business to ‘Gould & Son’.

  • 1864

    Mr R J Martin forms a partnership with ‘Gould & Son’, and soon becomes the sole proprietor of the business when Edward Gould returns to England, retaining the newly established name of ‘Gould & Martin’.

  • 1878

    Medically training Charles Pleasance joined forces with Mr Martin in 1878, at which time they renamed the pharmacy Martin & Pleasance. Mr Pleasance was of English heritage and would go on to be the first elected Lord Mayor of Melbourne. Mr Pleasance would go on to be the sole owner of the business in 1886.

  • 1930

    Started distributing Original Bach Flower Remedies, joining Martin & Pleasance original brands Schuessler Tissue Salts & Herbal Creams.  The owners of Martin & Pleasance dealt directly with Dr Bach himself.

  • 1992

    Martin & Pleasance was acquired by the Holyman family, who still to this day retain ownership of this iconic business.

  • 1998

    Martin & Pleasance started distributing their products into New Zealand

  • 2008

    Harmony, Ki & Zen joined the Martin & Pleasance family of brands with the purchase of Zen Therapeutics, a QLD based developer & manufacturer of multi herb traditional Chinese medicine products.

  • 2011

    Next to join the Martin & Pleasance family was perhaps their most iconic brand Vital, with 2 products under the brand, Vital Greens now Vital All-In-One and Vital Protein.

  • 2016

    Martin & Pleasance formed a joint venture with Pauling Labs in Canada to launch Ener-C.

  • 2019

    Organic Formulations, a range of natural organic personal care & home care products, joined Martin & Pleasance.

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