Our range of Men’s Health products contain premium quality formulations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs tailored to support male wellbeing.

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Carefully crafted from premium quality ingredients to support men through the demands of everyday life!

He Men's Formula

He Men’s Midlife Formula is carefully researched and developed to address the health issues facing midlife men.

  • Enhance energy levels
  • Support healthy sexual function
  • Promote healthy libido
  • Maintain prostate health

He Men’s Midlife Formula draws on the strength of clinically tested ingredients and the trusted knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.




He Deep Sleep Formula

He Deep Sleep Formula has been traditionally used in Western and Chinese medicine to induce sleep, relieve restlessness, promote refreshing sleep and reduce disturbed sleep.

Take 2 tablets in the evening, 30 minutes before retiring to sleep.

Free from wheat, gluten, dairy animal products.

Store below 30C.



He Focus & De-Stress Formula

He Focus & De-Stress Formula has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Western medicine to enhance memory cognition, alleviate stress and promote energy levels.

Take 2 tablets daily, or as directed by your health professional.

Free from wheat, gluten, dairy animal products.

Store below 30C.



ZEN Liniment 100ML Spray

ZEN Liniment 100ML Spray

Zen Liniment is a combination of 8 traditional herbal medicines and 2 essential oils that penetrate directly into the site of pain or injury.

The herbs and oils have been selected for temporary pain relief and local reduction in inflammation whilst improving circulation and healing to the specific area.

Zen Sports Roll-On 75ml

Zen Sports Roll-On 75ml

Zen Sports Roll-On is specifically formulated to be suitable for use before and after sporting activities as needed.

It contains two herbal ingredients (Arnica montana and Mentha arvensis) to help relieve minor sports injuries including bruises, sprains, and general muscle aches. It is supported by 3 traditional Chinese herbs to help promote blood circulation, alleviate pain and relieve inflammation and swelling.




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  • Vital All-In-One (Vital Greens)

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  • ZEN Liniment 100ML Spray

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  • ZEN 75GM Herbal Gel Traditional Chinese

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  • He Men’s Midlife Formula – 45 Tablets

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  • Vital Plant Protein Vanilla

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  • Vital Plant Protein Chocolate

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  • Vital Plant Protein Original

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  • Vital Organic Greens 200gm

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  • Zen Sports Spray 125ml

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  • ZEN Linament 50ML Drops

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  • Zen Sports Roll-On 75ml

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  • He Deep Sleep Formula – 60 Tablets

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  • Vital Pea & Hemp Protein Powder Blend 500GM

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  • Vital Active Recovery Plant Formula 500GM | Vegan Recovery Blend

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  • Vital Plant Protein Strawberry

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  • He Focus & De-Stress Formula – 60 Tablets

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  • Vital Vitamin D 1000 IT + Mushrooms Plant Based 60 Vegecaps

    Vital Vitamin D 60 Vegecaps

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    Organic Formulations Nourishing Hand Care Bundle Pack

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  • Vital Iron Gut Friendly Plant Based 60 Vegecaps

    Vital Iron 60 Vegecaps

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  • Vital Calcium Aquamin Forte TG™ Plant Based 60 Vegecaps

    Vital Calcium 60 Vegecaps

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Without a doubt, there are a wide variety of multivitamins on the market to suit a number of needs one of the benefits of this, is that no matter what stage of life you are in our what your lifestyle throws at you, there’s a good chance there is a multivitamin made for you. This certainly applies to men, too.

Men require a number of different vitamins and minerals to lead a healthy lifestyle. No matter what age you are or what your daily life brings, for optimal health, look at ways you can improve or supplement your diet.

Knee Strengthening Exercises – Top Tips and What To Avoid

The knee is the biggest and most used joint in the body. Almost your entire body weight is spread out between two of them, and that comes with wear and tear over the years. Your best bet in keeping your knees functioning their best for decades to come is to work on strengthening them with some simple exercises you can do at home. They don’t require any equipment or even much time. Some exercises can also be used to relieve some types of knee pain. If you have recurring pain or it doesn’t go away within a month using the RICE method, it would be advisable to seek advice from an expert.

Knee Strengthening Exercises – Top Tips and What To Avoid
How to stay active during the winter months: Simple tips to stay active

How to Stay Active During The Winter Months: Simple Tips to Stay Active

Finding the courage to be active in the dead of winter can be as difficult as the heat of the summer. The cold feels even colder after the scorching heat of the long summer. Luckily, it rarely gets dangerously cold in most of Australia. As long as you dress appropriately, you will be able to stay warm while getting exercise outside. In fact, the winter is the best and safest time to do intense training because the body isn’t stressed from the heat of summer.



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