It has already hit – Winter has arrived and I am hoping that you can jump start your immunity with a new approach to your health. I believe we need more than just Vitamin C to keep our immunity in shape this Winter. There is more research today combining the health of our gut with our immunity. We used to think if our immunity was strong we wouldn’t break down but to this I add if your gut is healthy so will your immunity as it depends on the way we digest all that we eat and supplement with.

This is why I have fallen in love with Ki Immune Forte – the combination of Astragalus, Shitake, Olive leaf along with Maitake and Zinc is not only supporting boosting white blood cells, maintaining gastrointestinal immune function but also reducing free radicals that will keep your immunity shield in place.

I have always aimed at creating a winter regime that not only strengthens my body but also allows me to have the stamina to get through even the coldest days when my mood can be low as the sun doesn’t smile at us as often during Winter. My choice of plant based supplants for Winter Vitamin D – many still don’t realise there is an option of having this crucial Vitamin in plant based form especially needed during Winter months. Being 100 % plant based Vitamin D it is naturally rich in D3 & fatty acids. Vitashine D3 is the only Vegan registered Vitamin D in the world and is now available to you to be added to your Winter regime along with your plant based Omega keeping your immune system strong as well as our mood and brain health.
This is my trinity as bioavailability is key and plant based supplements provide a healthier option in supporting your health in the year when we need the best protection from being attacked by all the viral loading this time of the year can bring. We cannot control where the bugs are but we can control our immune system this year by taking potent supplements that are natural and all made in Australia.


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