My life made a complete turnaround about a year ago at this time of the year … I honestly cannot believe I am writing this but for a few days a week I wake up at 6am and I am out of the house by 6.30am. I need to be honest here – I would still rather be in bed but something rather magical is happening to me. The minute I drive into the car park at my gym I start feeling positive. Walking through the gym door I say to myself – you’ve got this. For a while there I didn’t want to be there longer than 30 minutes but what I am noticing it is now more like 45 minutes. I have surprised myself. For the last 15 years, I haven’t wanted to be anywhere near a gym and I thought my time to be in love with a gym workout was over long ago.
About 12 months ago to the day I was introduced to a new way of living with my supplements, I never thought I would replace what I had been taking for many years to switching over to plant based supplements.  My iron has never been great as I am a vegetarian and no matter what I tried in the past I would stop after a few weeks as everything within me stopped functioning. Nausea came over me and also I just never got the internal buzz I have now…
I have been on a plant based Iron, Vitamin D and a potent antioxidant – Astaxathin. All I can say is that something is really giving me the energy I have not had in years. I feel I am on top of my game. It really is a privilege sharing all that I am doing with my friends and clients so they too can have this boost in energy too. To this regime I have added plant based Omega 3 and I feel like there is an internal glow that is coming through me as I have never had so many compliments.
I still take my Tissue Salts as they have been a staple in my life and create my platform for my 365 days of good health that has been present for years now. I just feel my health has been boosted in a way that I didn’t think was possible and it is all because there is nothing synthetic living in me. Nature has also given me her blessing and taught me so much over the years and now the good food that I am eating is being extended as I have added plant based supplements to my regime. Just as I was fascinated by the difference ORGANIC skincare made to my skin I am just as fascinated by these plant based supplements.
Just like clearing out our pantry and cupboards, clearing the build up we need to look out how we are going to spring clean our internal self.

I am inviting you to give your cells and organs the inner polish they need to activate the inner self in such a prominent way. Like me you will soon be hearing nature’s whispers and knowing that you are on a healthier path.

All the best, Susan


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