I have always loved pets and I was very fortunate to have met my dear cat Blossom 19 years ago and she came into my life at a time when there was so much sadness and brought the light in. I called her Blossom as I needed my life to “blossom” and it did throughout those 19 years as she was always there until a week ago. I was very lucky as Blossom was so healthy until 8 weeks before her passing and I am so pleased I had Rest&Quiet Calm & Sleep formulas with me and even more at ease was I that the Rest&Quiet Pet formula I gave to Blossom provided her with the resilience and inner calm to travel through her days knowing she was getting weaker. 

The Rest&Quiet pet formula is an alcohol free, 6 remedy formula, specifically tailored for your pets to give them the emotional support to restore resilience & inner calm in your pets.

I love the fact that this whole range of formulas is alcohol free and it wasn’t until I received the news that Blossom didn’t have long to go that I made sure to carry the Calm formula with me and I remember the moment I gave Blossom the Pet Formula she started jumping back onto my lap for her evening cuddle.

She also started eating all her food again and lived on enjoying our time together. Yes she did sleep a lot more but when I would get home and add the drops to her food and water she became more alert and calm at the same time.

I am so grateful that I decided to take the 8-remedy formula, made with Dr Bach’s original formulation. It provided me with natural emotional support I so need. Rest&Quiet Calm Formula to calm nerves and relieve nervous tension. Even today I sit comfortably in my own mind and body knowing I did the very best for my best friend Blossom even to the day she had to go to sleep. I have my daily dose of tears, but I am also able to come back to work and get on with my day.

I have always loved Bach Flowers for their ability to support the emotional platform that often goes unnoticed when we are coping with grief.

I made sure to also take Comb 5 Tissue Salts known as the 5 Phosphates to support my nerve and muscle cells to maintain my inner calm that I so needed to try to find a way through my limited time with Blossom.

Tissue Salts are intracellular food for the cells ensuring that they are nurtured during times of stress on the body … what can be more stressful than grief … it just takes hold of you and doesn’t let go and I am just so happy I had my dynamic trinity in place supporting me every step of the way.

We become so attached to our pets and sometimes we don’t notice if our pet is agitated as they don’t always have a way of expressing themselves. Knowing that there are natural remedies to assist yourself and your pet is worth noting as one never knows when they need more calm for themselves and their pet.

Blossom will always live in my heart and I wanted to share that taking Bach Flowers is like having a warm blanket wrapped around you and being able to better cope with all that life brings forth.

Enjoy each day with your pet and just know you are more loved than you realize.


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