ARE YOU READY ??? – It’s time to step into  – A NEW YOU

1. Are you ready to step into the best version of yourself?

2. Are you wanting to sleep better?

3. Are you ready to enjoy clean eating?

4. Are you ready to naturally reduce all your cravings?

5. Are you ready to respect your mind and body as your temple of good health?

6. Do you want to shed a few kilos?

7. Do you need more calm in your day?

If you answered yes to these 7 questions then I am happy to share some key health solutions that you can take alongside any health regime you are currently following … start today for a healthier tomorrow… your mindset needs to be balanced for you to enjoy better sleep, more calm and even losing those extra kilos you put on during the festive season. 

Stepping into February means the year has already started and it is another opportunity to reboot our health as we planned on the 1st of January.  Yes, it takes lots of inner strength to say no to cravings and  habits that derail us over time but make this year the and this can be yours by simply making the decision today.  Once you have made your decision then it is important to keep it going as there will be days where it all is a bit much.  This is why I encourage you to make it a day by day process and becoming prepared for your day.  I encourage that you plan for your day.

For instance, I never leave home without a lunch box filled with walnuts, apple slices and 2 Medjool dates as they provide a healthy snack which provide you with the healthy nutrition you need rather than just depending on snacks filled with sugar. 

Planning is about being prepared and

it is this planning that will get you

through moving towards a healthier you

We all live in a body and mind but we don’t always feel we are totally responsible to rid the cells of our body from the build up that accumulates over the days, months, years until we become low in energy and then all we want to do is go on a cleanse …

We all are aware that the primary cause of any health imbalance is not only  the build-up of unnecessary wastes that are not properly eliminated resulting in  water retention that disturbs the cellular balance resulting in low energy, weight gain, low immunity, poor concentration but also the  low mood that dictates our day.   


We need to take charge as we are responsible for our mind and body health. I love activating my cells with Tissue Salts to ensure accelerated absorption and I love vegan proteins to assist with the energy we need – I always make sure that I have a banana and yoghurt along with my favourite milk which I add to my Vital Slim & Trim protein every afternoon – it really is delicious and we all need to become aware of the importance of protein to keep our energy levels maintained. The downfall of many cleanses  is that we don’t understand the importance of the inclusion of protein.

It’s strange how we know when to take our car in for a service but we forget that we also need to service our organs that keep us alive. Why not make this February your month when you started falling in love with yourself again …

”Remember what you do today

will have an impact tomorrow.”


We are so very lucky that there are so many great supplements that are now available that I call clean green supplements made from plants that add to starting to move towards clean and energised living … I have become very excited with switching to plant based supplements as I continue to enjoy living inside a clean and energised body filled with good health. 

It isn’t hard taking good care of the inner and outer you this February … my favourite 4 products for the month of February that assist with my cleanse are:

1. Fresh Start 

2. Vital Slim & Trim Protein

3. Green Omega 3

4. Rest & Quiet Focus

Rest&Quiet Focus Spray 25mL


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