As women, we are always in the role of nurturing, supporting, loving and requiring lots of energy to complete all of our daily tasks.  We often forget about ourselves and today is about reminding you of making yourself a priority on all levels of your being. To take charge of your day, you will need to fine tune your hormone, emotional platform and cellular health for starters.

It is our birthright to be healthy, strong and calm throughout our day. I have become a strong advocate for plant based supplements as a potent way to add to your healthy diet.  We know simply eating well is not enough in this world that we are living in and taking supplements that mimic healthy food are a key solution to building your Iron, Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D levels that women are reminded to increase by their health practitioners.

I often asked ‘Why take synthetic supplements when you can move to plant based supplements’.

I encourage you to make the switch and enjoy the impact of the dense nutrition that lives within each capsule.  I believe we over supplement with products that are not recognized by the body as they are made in a lab and we wonder why we are still so low in energy.

This then moves me onto a modality I am so passionate about Tissue Salts.

As Women we are only as good as we feel as we are often part of a juggling act as we know how to multi task. The Ainsworths Bach Flowers provide key support in their combination formulas to calm and support sleep. Even when the hormones are running wild, it is so important to stay calm and focused. There are natural ways to fine-tune your hormones and how good is that! Natural living is a gift we give ourselves as women.

We need to repair, renew, revitalize and rebuild our health daily and this starts with looking after our cells with key minerals that our body needs. There are a few combinations that I will bring to your attention for you to jump back into cellular balance which is key to be added to any regime you are currently dedicated to.

Menstrual imbalances

For all nerve imbalances and want of more energy

For improved nail and hair health

 For improved Calcium absorption

I am so passionate about Women’s Health & Wellbeing that I wrote a module on how to be a strong, health, energetic & positive women incorporating Tissue Salts daily into your health regime. This is an easy to follow module on ways to accelerate your health, support your friends and your children becoming a stronger advocate of your own health and that of anyone around you that needs your guidance.

I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day and give yourself the gift of health in 2024.


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