February is a significant month as it is another opportunity to face ourselves and commit to at least 2 of the 10 goals we set on the 1st of January … FEB FAST has started, and it is an opportunity to do something great for yourself as you reboot your inner engine. Challenge yourself by committing to trying your best for 28 days, as it is a leap year to say no to habits you believe are holding you back …

Small steps, but real steps that mean you are standing tall for yourself!

If we don’t back ourselves, no one else will be able to propel our inner engine. This month is a second chance to regain the direction you planned at the start of the year for yourself. Try saying this daily mantra: I am worthy of good health. Day by day, you will notice your body and mind changing when you withdraw from habits holding you back … one step at a time.

Two key Tissue Salts that I encourage you to add to your regime are Nat Sulph & Silica. Both these Tissue Salts work in synergy. Nat Sulph is the water eliminator as it reduces the amount of water absorbed by the large intestine and is also used as a laxative as it expels fluids from the body. 

Imagine assisting your cells in eliminating water … this is why this Tissue Salt is essential, as it is referred to as a “cleansing flow”. Another highlight of this mineral is that it supports the burning of nutrients in the cells, leading to energy production.

Silica is a mineral we always consider for beautiful hair and skin as it is involved in collagen production. However, it also drives the defence cells in the immune system to intensify their attack on invading bacteria.

February is Aquarius season, and the Tissue Saltt linked to this month is Nat Mur. It is a reminder about this much-needed mineral by the body, as it regulates the body’s water levels, the division of cells, and the production of gastric juices. Also, it is excellent to consider for anyone who is craving salt. I always ask my clients, what is the use of drinking lots of water if your cells cannot absorb the water? Our cells need Nat Mur, especially in the warmer weather, as it will rehydrate and support your metabolism, too.

This February, consider adding more of the following to your month:

  • Fresh fruit / vegetables
  • All raw juices
  • Herbal teas
  • Sea vegetables
  • Raw almonds or ABC spread
  • Unpasteurised honey
  • Swimming / walking
  • Fermented vegetables / kimchi
  • Water

Make this month count and step into the change you want to live in. It all begins with you in February, remember it is never too late to get back on track towards a healthier YOU! ❤️❤️❤️


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