After coming out of a wonderful Summer it is common to dive into the Autumn Blues. Sunshine is such a powerful stimulant for our whole being but as the days get colder, we long for the Summer heat.

Autumn is a great time to find new zest that will keep you going through the Winter months with a smile on your face.  Emotions need to be fine-tuned so they move with us rather than against us.

Bach Flowers have a way to reboot your mood which impacts your health daily. I have so much respect for Dr Bach as he created the 38 flower remedies that can be used throughout the different seasons of the year.

Every day of the year can be as uplifted as our Summer Days as it all depends on our emotional wellbeing. Let’s embrace Autumn and live with the uplift only Bach Flowers can give.
Dr Bach

The Rest&Quiet range is made with Original Dr Bach Method & Potency remedies and are formulated for emotional needs in the 21st century. The range is Australian Made & Owned, alcohol free and suitable for the whole family.

Rest&Quiet - Your Moment of Calm


Stress less & liberate: Try our Rest&Quiet Calm Formula

Calm is an emotion we all need. With Easter just around the corner and school holidays coming up, I believe every household needs more calm to make the most of each day.

Rest&Quiet Calm Formula traditionally used in Bach Flower Remedies to relieve symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. Your moment of calm, throughout your busy day.

Rest&Quiet Calm Spray

Say good-bye to brain fog & think clearer: Try our Rest&Quiet Focus Formula

Autumn Wellness is about finding your focus again. What I love about the Focus formula, it targets our emotional wellbeing making sure we have the confidence, to better adapt to change and setting goals for the rest of the year.

Rest&Quiet Focus Formula is traditionally used in Bach Flower Remedies to calm the mind and support mental concentration & clarity.

Rest&Quiet Focus Oral Spray
Rest&Quiet Focus Spray 25mL

Regenerate & sleep well: Try the Rest&Quiet Sleep Formula

The decrease in the amount of daylight in colder months means it is the perfect time to restore your sleep stores. It’s important to quiet the mind to get a good night’s rest and wake up refreshed so you can get on with your day.

Rest&Quiet Sleep Formula is traditionally used in Bach Flower Remedies to calm the mild and relieve sleeplessness, to provide a good night’s sleep no matter what is going on in our day.

Rest&Quiet Sleep Drop 15mL
Rest&Quiet Sleep Formula

Live each moment, be happy in each moment.

A moment is all we need, not more!

Shake away your Autumn blues with Bach Flower Remedies.

Rest&Quiet Spray 25mL
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