Ainsworths Bach Flower Essence – Mimulus 10mL


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Ainsworths Mimulus Bach Flower is recommended for having a fear of known things, along with feeling nervous & shy. The positive potential of the flower includes fearlessness & bravery. Ainsworths guarantee that this essence is hand made in strict accordance with the methods of Dr Bach in a 1:240 “stock” strength.

Ingredients – Brandy, flower essence. Alcohol 40% by volume.

Directions of use – Place 4 drops in a glass of water if used singly, or for a combination remedy use 2 drops of each. Sip occasionally throughout the day as required.

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4 reviews for Ainsworths Bach Flower Essence - Mimulus 10mL

  1. Lady Katlinel

    I have my life back
    I have had incapacitating panic attacks for years, and do not like the side effects of allopathic anxiolytics, nor do I want to be on potentially addictive benzodiazepines. I have used them in the past out of desperation, but they are not a long-term solution.

    Enter Bach’s Aspen remedy. This has been an absolute miracle for me, and not only is more effective and quicker acting than benxodiazepines or antidepressants, it is safe to take as often as needed and is not addictive. When a panic attack strikes and all I can do is the pace with anxiety, four drops of this sublingually will completely end the panic and anxiety within minutes. It has no taste, but as well as it works, I wouldn’t mind if it did. It has quite literally given me my life back. As a bonus, the reduction in anxiety and stress has reduced my hypertension, and I have been able to reduce my BP meds. I swear by this. It’s the difference between a normal life and one crippled by severe panic attacks. I always have a bottle on hand and it is worth the world to me.

  2. Diana Giertlova

    I have been using mimulus for 3 years now. It always helps me to calm down and ease my anxiety. I either put it directly under the tongue or into a bottle of water which I then sip on through out the day, depending on if I need a quick relief or if I’m going to be in a stressful environment for a longer period of time. It’s a miracle flower and a great natural remedy.

  3. GG

    It worked!
    Our 14-year old cat lost her mother recently and has not stopped crying since then. She has never lived without another cat. She practically glues herself to my lap, and howls at me to sit down or head to a spot she likes. Her shrill voice is driving us both crazy. We tried rubbing this remedy between her ears twice a day and have seen significant improvement daily after 4-5 days, quicker than expected. Will continue treatment for a few more days until we are certain her emotional landscape has smoothed out. I selected this remedy for “emotional overdependence”. Noticed her appetite has picked up also.

  4. Dana Sang (verified owner)

    I have been using Mimulus bach flower remedy when I fear something real during the day such as a hostile neighbour, dreading some real problem and panic attacks which has helped me for a few hours dealing with real living fears. More people need to know they can get help this natural health way not made to use toxic drugs.

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