Homeopathic Large First Aid Kit


The Large First Aid Kit is extremely effective and convenient. It covers a range of conditions which may be experienced in your home, in the workplace or while on holidays.

Each Kit comes with the following:

  • 19 Homeopathic Remedies
  • 1 Rest&Quiet Calm Drops 15mL
  • 3 Herbal Creams 20g
  • 2 Schuessler Tissue Salts Sprays 30mL
  • Homeopathic Guide Book: ‘The Australian Homeopathic Home Prescriber; Treatment of Simple Everyday Conditions’ by Isaac Golden

19 Homeopathic Remedies in 15gm Pillules:


Acid phos 30c
Aconite 30c
Arnica 30c
Ars alb 30c
Belladonna 30c
Byronia 30c
Cantharis 30c
Carbo Veg 30c
Chamomilla 30c
Colocynthis 30c
Euphrasia 30c
Gelsemium 30c
Ipecac 30c
Ledum 30c
Merc Sol 30c
Nux vomica 30c
Phosphorus 30c
Pulsatilla 30c
Rhus tox 30c


3 Herbal Creams in 20g jars:

  • Arnica Cream
  • Calendula Cream
  • Comfrey Cream


2 Tissue Salt Sprays 30mL:

  • Ferrum phos 6X Spray
  • Mag phos 6X Spray


1 Rest&Quiet Calm:

  • Rest&Quiet Calm Formula 15mL


Disclaimer: This kit is not intended to replace professional medical care. In severe cases or where symptoms persist, consult a health professional.

2 reviews for Homeopathic Large First Aid Kit

  1. millergirls (verified owner)

    I was waiting with excitement for my kit to arrive and started using it immediately. I have been interested in homeopathy for a while and only wish I had purchased my kit years ago. So pleased with the results using my little box of treasure to work on my symptoms. It definitely does stretch your mind because the default way of thinking is to put a name to the way you’re feeling rather than just focusing on your symptoms for a remedy. I live with a lot of chronic illness, some the result of medications; so it is wonderful to be able to treat my symptoms knowing that I won’t experience harmful side effects as a consequence. I am excited to learn more and I am so thankful for M&P and your wonderful Australian made products being so affordable and accessible to all. I cannot fault the service, support and bonus information and resources M&P provide.

    • Andy Dang

      Thank you so much for your kind words. They made our day in M&P office.
      We truly appreciate your support and trust in Australian made and owned products.
      Wish you a lovely day!
      Martin and Pleasance

  2. Helen Elliot

    I have owned a homeopathic kit for many years that I have found invaluable particularly when my children were young, and I am now purchasing one for my daughter in law.

    • Andy Dang

      Hello Helen,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. They made our day here in M&P office.
      We truly appreciate your support and trust in Australian made products.
      Wish you a lovely day!
      Andy from Martin and Pleasance

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