Have you ever wondered why everyone seems happier on the first day of Summer? I believe it has to do with brighter sun, longer days & warmer weather. All these 3 things accelerate our health naturally- we need sunlight to build our Vitamin D. Longer days mean we can enjoy the outdoors more and the warmer weather has a way of naturally reducing inflammation within the body. Reduced inflammation means less pain and more free movement.

There’s a buzz as the weather warms up and we seem to eat foods that have a much higher water content creating improved hydration which adds to our reserves of energy.

We seem to wake up earlier and seem to bounce out of bed rather than not wanting to face the day.

Summer has also a way of inspiring us to begin a healthier regime, moving more, trying to lose a few kilos that we added during Winter that are still hanging on and adding more liquid food to our day.

Live Summer

I am now onto week 6 and my daily green smoothie is creating a real buzz within me – 1 tsp Hawaiian Spirulina, 1/2 orange, 1/2 lemon with rind and a chunk of ginger – 1 cup of water – I only make this fresh and never place it in fridge but carry it with me to enjoy around 11.30 am. You can do the same with protein powder and add your choice of milk, a banana, yoghurt, dates, peanut butter and get your body buzz this way.

I say body buzz as we are responsible for adding to our internal buzz to assist us in achieving the tasks at hand. 

Summer Wellness begins with your selection from this dynamic range of plant based products to supercharge your Summer.

1. Vital Plant Protein

2. Vital All in One (new flavour Lemon & Ginger)

3. Vital Hawaiian Spirulina

4. Vital Marin Magnesium

5. Vital Vegan Omega 3

The other day I enjoyed a vegan friendly gelato and what a treat it was as it allowed me to welcome Summer in through my tastebuds.

Have a think how do you want to look and feel in 2024 begins with setting some health goals to navigate you to your best ever year!

My Best Summer Wishes, Susan


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