To help get you started on your eco-friendly journey, we’ve put together a list of quick and simple sustainable that you can adopt in your everyday life.

Each choice we make, (even the small ones) goes towards making a big difference long term to help protect our precious planet.

plastic bag

Swap Plastic shopping bags for reusable tote bag

tote bag
plastis btl

Swap Plastic water bottle for reusable water bottle

reuse btl
plastic cup

Swap plastic coffeee cup for reusable travel cup

glass coffee cup
plastic straw

Swap plastic straw for bamboo, sinicone or mental straw

natural straw
plastic produce bag

Swap plastic produce bags for calico bags or hessian bags

calico bag
cling plastic

Swap cling wraps or aluminium foil for silicone coverings or beeswax wraps

beeswax wrap
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