Susan Gianevsky
Susan Gianevsky

Martin & Pleasance's Brand Ambassador

Schuessler - Get ready for summer

1. Improve your absorption this Summer to make sure your cells are functioning at optimum levels and enjoy all that you eat

Your cells need the support of Tissue Salts to accelerate absorption of nutrients coming into your body. They stimulate cell metabolism, provide the cells with minerals, and ensure that the minerals which the body ingests in food are evenly distributed. So important to keep building your immunity even in Summer.

Comb E is excellent if experiencing slow metabolism, bloating and acidity which will prevent you from absorbing your nutrition.

Schuessler Tissue Salts Comb E

2. Too acidic from overindulging in heavier foods isn’t always easy for your cells to keep working at optimum levels

Comb C also support Acid / Alkaline Balance by providing the cells with the micro minerals necessary to balance acidity in the blood therefore improving conditions such as gout, reflux, nausea.

Schuessler Tissue Salt Comb C

3. Improve Your Digestion – Keeping the gut happy at all times

Tissue Salts stimulate cell metabolism improving your digestion and therefore weight loss goals. They assist the digestive tract to provide the balance of Nat Phos, Nat Sulph and Mag Phos which are all key to proper digestion of food ingested.

Schuessler Nat Phos
Schuessler Nat Sulph
Schuessler Tissue Salts Mag Phos

4. Slow down ageing – We all want our skin to shine in good health during the Summer months

Tissue Salts improve skin elasticity slowing down the ageing process as they provide Silica and Calc Fluor in micro doses essential for skin health and elasticity – we all want our skin to glow during the festive season.

Schuessler Tissue Salt Silica
Schuessler Tissue Salt Calc Flour

5. Building Blocks – Instead of running to find the nasal spray to handle any allergies this Summer, embrace Comb Q (Sinus) and Comb H (Hayfever)

Tissue Salts are the building blocks of good health by providing the cells with the micro minerals they need to facilitate the intra cellular functions needed in order to keep the organs of the body healthy. Keeping your breathing, nasal passage and eyes healthy during Spring is made easy with Tissue Salts. They can be taken alongside any prescriptive medication when other supplements cannot be taken.

Schuesser Tissue Salts Comb H
Schuesser Tissue Salts Comb Q

6. Pain ManagementMany still feel their aches & pains in Summer

As Tissue Salts do not need to be broken down in the gut but rather are absorbed the minute they are taken, distribution of the disrupted mineral particles can reach the individual muscle cells thus alleviating inflammation, cramping, pain and swelling effectively – Mag Phos or Comb I or Comb M.

Schuessler Tissue Salt Comb M
Schuessler Tissue Salt Comb I
Schuessler Tissue Salt Mag Phos

7. Gluten & Lactose Free – Suitable for the very sensitive

Tissue Salts sprays are available for even the very sensitive / lactose intolerant which may be prone to lower immunity supporting them to achieve their health goals.

Schuessler Tissue Salt Ferr Phos
Schuessler Tissue Salt Calc Phos

8. Ideal for your whole family including PETS – Make them available to everyone that is with you this Summer and enjoy your time together

Tissue Salts are most suitable for your infants, teenagers, adults and elderly in your family and also suitable for your loving pets to enjoy health as much as you.

Schuessler - For all age & pets

Tissue Salts build your internal armour and support you to reach your Summer Wellness goals so your festive season is your best ever.

Schuessler Tisue Salt

“After using Tissue Salts for over 25 years I still find that they always find a place in my kitchen cabinet all year round. There is always someone who says they have aches & pains, feels bloated, have hayfever/ allergies, have a headache, have an upset tummy. All I do is simply reach out for a Tissue Salt to get me through and help me enjoy every moment Summer brings.”


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