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Vital All-In-One (Vital Greens)



All You Need, Vital-All-In-One (Vital Greens)

Vital Greens, now named Vital All-In-One, was the first product developed under the Vital Brand. Australian naturopaths Stephen & Shane Sullivan first developed Vital All-In-One back in the year 2000 in response to seeing their patients take up to 20 tablets a day without seeing any benefits. They saw an opportunity to develop an all-in-one formula, delivered in a powder format that helped encourage better absorption.

The Vital Greens name has since evolved to Vital-All-In-One to highlight there’s more to the formula than just greens

The formula is an easily absorbed, carefully balanced powder blend of essential nutrients that have been extracted from natural dense vegetables and fruits plus the addition of probiotics, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Just two teaspoons daily of Vital All-In-One delivers 78 vital ingredients that are loaded with probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fibre and a unique high alkalising pea protein.

Contains Certified Organic Ingredients.

Available product size: 120g, 300g, 600g, 1kg

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