Schuessler Tissue Salts 125 Tablets – Comb J – Congestion


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Coughs, colds, catarrh and allied conditions.

The autumn and winter seasonal remedy. The common cold with its unpleasant symptoms of runny nose, sneezing and catarrh is often caught when the body s resistance is lowered. Often these symptoms are followed by a cough and slight chest condition. Should bronchitis develop or the cough persist the advice of a doctor should be sought. The symptoms of a common cold can be eased by Combination J.

Assists with:

  • Coughs
  • Colds
  • Chest congestion

Available in: 125 Tablets

Each tablet contains equal amounts of 6x:

  • Ferr phos (Ferrum phosphate)
  • Kali mur (Potassium chloride)
  • Nat mur (Sodium chloride)

8 reviews for Schuessler Tissue Salts 125 Tablets - Comb J - Congestion

  1. Evelina Archer (from

    Nice quality. Use at first sign of a cold

  2. Violett (from

    Superb product and quick delivery. I used this during pregnancy and need to say i never used anything so helpful.
    One person found this helpful

  3. stutcver (from

    Wonderful results alwasy.

    I have been using them for many years, they save me from using strong medications, and they work!

  4. zuffer ( from )

    Tested n tried for years

  5. Anon

    or cold,flu and viruses.

    Great for all stages of a cold or flu, taking now as a precaution to hopefully to build immune system to stave off the Covid 19 virus. Easy to take, I’ve had some very good success with tissue salts.Replaces minerals that we are all deplete in due to poor soils,putting the body back in balance,in a very gentle way.

  6. Evelina Archer ( from )

    Staves off colds

    Nice quality. Use at first sign of a cold

  7. Violett ( FROM )

    Perfect cold medicine
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom

  8. Emma

    Since a friend put me onto these, I have not had a head cold or flu for years! As soon as I feel anything coming on, I take these and wake up fine the next day! Highly recommend!

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