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Harmony U-Dream 30 tablets


Harmony U-Dream:

Harmony U-Dream is a natural multi-herb formula traditionally used in Western and European herbal medicine to induce sleep and relieve restlessness.

Multi-herb formula, contains high dose zizyphus, sour cherry which contains natural melatonin, hops which activates melatonin receptors and magnesium citrate anhydrous.




Promotes sleep and helps relieve insomnia


Relieves symptoms of stress and restlessness


A natural multi-herb formula


Each tablet contains extracts equivalent to the dried:
Zizyphus jujuba seed (Zizyphus) 10g
Humulus lupulus flower (Hops) 1.5g
Prunus cerasus fruit (Sour cherry) 1.2g
Magnesium citrate anhydrous (equiv magnesium 80mg) 494mg
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