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Puppy Formula – Powder Meal Topper

The puppy life stage, which is the first 12-18 months of life, is critical for setting the foundations for a long, happy & healthy life! During this time, their little bodies are working overtime to grow, and their digestive and immune systems are still learning the ropes. This period requires focus and supportive nutrition, due to developing body systems, and challenges like new environments, vaccinations, and food changes.

That’s where Anipal’s Puppy Formula comes in! Designed from a veterinarian perspective to nurture immunity, digestion, and development, to give your puppy the best start to life.

Packed with 800 million probiotics per tsp, our Puppy Formula gives your pup’s microbiome a diverse start from day one, fostering a healthy digestive system, boosting their nutrient capacity absorption and helping decrease their risk of developing allergies. Our specialised formulations also include prebiotics like Beta Glucan and Inulin to feed the gut microbiome, and they have been demonstrated to boost a puppy’s immunity significantly.

And let’s not forget about our favourite ingredient: potent Omega-3 DHA (standardised to 10% DHA). This ingredient is key to support your pup’s brain, vision, and neurological development, helping them grow into the brightest, healthiest version of themselves.

45 serves (per 25 kg puppy)

Made with researched ingredients
Science based specialised formula
Gentle on the gut
Australian made & owned
Hypoallergenic formula – great for puppies with dietary sensitivities
Vet founded & developed
Earth friendly

When to use
Ongoing during the first 12-18 months of life as a daily supplement to support overall health, immunity & digestion

This product will assist with:
1. Transitioning to solid food or changing diet
2. When undergoing vaccinations
3. Moving home, travelling or change in environments
4. After deworming
5. During growth spurts
6. During teething
7. As a daily supplement to support overall health, immunity & digestion

What does the science say?
Specifically formulated with:
• 800 million probiotics per tsp
o Therapeutic probiotic strains, at doses supported by clinical evidence, including L. acidophilus, and B. longum, to nurture the microbiome from a young age, and build optimal gastrointestinal function and immunity.
• Prebiotics
o Beta Glucan and inulin, to build healthy gastrointestinal structure and regular functionality and boost immunity. Also aids to decrease risk of allergies later in life.
• Potent Omega-3 DHA (standardised 10%)
o Supports optimal brain, vision and neurological development.

Additional benefits
Hypoallergenic | Natural | No artificial fillers or preservatives | Grain, gluten & sugar free | Recycle Me – Jars made from 100% recycled plastic materials


Feeding Guide

Based on puppy weight

SML 1 to 15 kg -1/2 tsp

MED 15 to 30 kg – 1 tsp

LGE 30 kg – 1 1/2 tsp

1 tsp = 3 g

Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks, up to 12-18 months of age. We recommend transitioning your puppy to Anipal’s Gut Formula as they mature in age.



Active ingredients – Amount per tsp (3 g)

Beta Glucan – 800mg
Inulin – 800mg
Omega-3 powder (standardised 10% DHA) – 750mg
Flaxseed – 644mg
Lactobacillus acidophilus – 400 million CFU
Bifidobacterium longum – 400 million CFU

Always read the label. Intended for occasional or supplemental feeding. For further advice or directions, contact your veterinarian or animal health professional. For animal consumption only. Store below 30 C in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight. Refrigerate after opening. Best used within 90 days.


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