Ainsworths Bach Flower Essence – Hornbeam 10mL


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Ainsworths Hornbeam Bach Flower is recommended for tiredness & weariness. The positive potential of the flower includes mental & physical strength. Ainsworths guarantee that this essence is hand made in strict accordance with the methods of Dr Bach in a 1:240 “stock” strength.

Ingredients – Brandy, flower essence. Alcohol 40% by volume.

Directions of use – Place 4 drops in a glass of water if used singly, or for a combination remedy use 2 drops of each. Sip occasionally throughout the day as required.

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3 reviews for Ainsworths Bach Flower Essence - Hornbeam 10mL

  1. Lezlie Mitchell

    It Works!
    Wow, by the time I was finished with this bottle I had such clear vision with my path. I would definitely recommend this.

  2. AuraShift

    Great for procrastination.
    We use it often and it works. Right now my family is using it to help me stay focused while working and schooling from home. It has helped my son move through difficult moods and stress related to remote learning.

    If you are not a bach flower user, you may have trouble understanding how they are supposed to work. You probably won’t feel a quick about-face where you suddenly have gobs of motivation and drive. This is subtle, energy medicine. More likely you will notice, over a period of time, less resistance to whatever thoughts and behaviors are in the way of you moving forward.

  3. Molly G.

    Set your intention and try it. It worked for me.
    On a whim, I bought this at the suggestion of my sister. I’ve been looking for a job for over 6 months. This arrived a little over 2 weeks ago and I started using it. I wrote my intention on my water bottle and added my 2 drops, drinking them through the day. I was lacking direction and looking for clarity. Last Thursday I finally got a job offer and accepted without hesitation. I didn’t even think about the essence but my sister said “tell me about that golden oat?”
    Was it that? I don’t know but I feel solid in my decision and that never happens anymore.

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