Ainsworths Bach Flower Essence – Gorse 10mL


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Ainsworths Gorse Bach Flower is recommended for self-doubt & pessimistic behaviour. The positive potential of the flower includes enthusiasm and hopefulness. Ainsworths guarantee that this essence is hand made in strict accordance with the methods of Dr Bach in a 1:240 “stock” strength.

Ingredients – Brandy, flower essence. Alcohol 40% by volume.

Directions of use – Place 4 drops in a glass of water if used singly, or for a combination remedy use 2 drops of each. Sip occasionally throughout the day as required.

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3 reviews for Ainsworths Bach Flower Essence - Gorse 10mL

  1. Scarlett(MA)

    Can be used topically too for pain with related emotional feeling! Read about Gorse
    When I get really depressed about health issues I use a few drops of this under my tongue and it really does help get rid of the feeling like I’ll never get better. I even used it on my belly where I have staples from old hernia surgery and got relief from pain in minutes! Fantastic!

  2. Karen DeGennaro

    Good item
    I am a Bach’s long time user for myself and pets. Great products.

  3. paca

    absolutely works.
    absolutely works. before the full moon, my children get moody and emotional and sometimes depressed. i give them 4 drops of gorse beneath their tongues, and within moments their outlook is more positive, they stop crying, and their thoughts are less heavy. it can’t be “all in their heads”, considering the children have no idea what i’m giving them. i almost never write product reviews, but i originally bought gorse for myself, on a whim, from a natural food store. i had never used a flower essence before, and i honestly didn’t expect much in terms of results. boy, was i wrong. it worked for me, to help me out of a dark time following my father’s death. so, i’m writing this review to tell everyone that yes, this product does indeed help lighten and brighten moods!

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