Martin and Pleasance is committed to helping the community and beyond.

As a team we work together. We focus on collaboration and support drives our commitment to our community. Our engagement is varied, and everyone contributes. This creates many one-off projects such as bush fire relief, raffle prizes, sporting club assistance, athlete sponsorship, fun run donations, sponsoring tables at charitable fund raisers and many give away prizes.

We love the flexibility we can offer to engage with lots of charities in small ways, but our greatest commitment yet is to Raise.

Raise provides mentoring programs for young people in high school and in the community. These are our youth who are our future. We need to ensure their continued engagement with our society.

We share Raise’s dream to deliver best practice youth mentoring programs into every public high school in Australia. It takes a village to raise a child and Martin and Pleasance is very proud to be part of that village.

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