Martin & Pleasance


The origins of Martin & Pleasance – Mr Kinder opened his homeopathic pharmacy at 85 Collins Street. Between 1855 and 1860 Mr Edward Gould joined forces with Mr Kinder and the pharmacy was renamed Kinder and Gould.


M Edward Gould became the sole owner of the homeopathic pharmacy, renaming it Gould and Son, he also moved the business to 90 Collins Street.


Mr R J Martin joined Gould and Son; the business was renamed Gould and Martin. Not long after Edward Gould returned to England leaving Mr Martin as the sole proprietor. He retained the name of Gould and Martin.


Homeopathic physicians would meet at the rooms of Gould and Martin to discuss the opening of a homeopathic dispensary in Melbourne.


Charles Pleasance became partners with R. Martin at which time they renamed the pharmacy Martin and Pleasance. Charles Martin studied medicine and was articled to Martin and Gould before becoming one of the owners. He was born in England and came to Australia in 1855. He was elected the first Lord Mayor of Melbourne.


Charles Pleasance became the sole owner of Martin and Pleasance. Up until the closure of the Melbourne Homeopathic Hospital in 1924, Martin and Pleasance supplied the hospital with its remedies. The son of Charles Pleasance, Frederick, continued to run the family business after Charles. Succeeding Frederick were the brothers Charles and Phillip Pleasance.


Martin & Pleasance celebrated 150 years of business.  The company is no longer owned by the Pleasance family, but continues to provide quality homeopathic remedies to practitioners.