Zen Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

I now live in Zen with Zen…it has taken away all my stiffness

Posted by Susan Gianevsky on 16th August, 2013

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I have always lived an energized life and have found that staying fit has never been a problem. However, I noticed a few months ago, every time I jumped out of bed my calves hurt, my shoulders felt heavy and I wasn’t motivated to move let alone exercise! This went on for a while. I had known about Zen as I was hearing more and more about the impact Zen tablets and Zen liniment were having on my family and friends. I never felt I needed any support until a few months ago. I decided to first try the Zen tablets as I am a Homeopath believing that we need to restore the inner before we balance the outer.

I regularly have a body treatment which includes cupping. My skilled therapist sprays me with Zen liniment every consultation and massages this into my neck, shoulders and calves. He then follows with the cupping which I receive monthly. I decided to try the liniment every day for a few weeks and what a difference! No more aches and pains for me…I am now finding I have more energy as my daily pain is a thing of the past. I am now also finding that my recovery time after gym sessions, only takes a few hours rather than days walking around stiff all over.

I have always loved taking Arnica internally and externally but when I researched the Zen range, not only did it include my favourite healing herb but also another 7 healing herbs working synergistically to provide me with the platform my body needs to repair and recover while at the same time providing a warm soothing feeling. I now only use my Zen products when I need them and they continue to deliver results every time. I am now, even loving the aroma that Zen products leave behind…so uplifting!

I have now found an easy way to step into my Zen, no matter what my day throws up at me by always having the range of Zen products in my home and clinic. The range always provides me with the inner and outer balance I need to get through my day in an energized way.

If you want to enhance your movement, reduce your inflammation, overcome your stiffness and get through your day pain free then I highly recommend the Zen range!