Spatone: Fast Facts

Posted on 3rd October, 2011

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Spatone fact 1:
Low iron is the most common mineral insuffiency in the world.

Spatone fact 2:
Gentle on the stomach yet effective, especially suitable for people with low tolerance of other iron containing medications.

Spatone fact 3:
Menstruation and pregnancy both increase the body’s need for additional iron. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

Spatone fact 4:
Each sachet can provide up to 2mg of absorbed iron.

Spatone fact 5:
The iron in Spatone (Fe++) is present naturally in the mineral water it can be easily and gently absorbed by your body.

Spatone fact 6:
Suitable for pregnant and post-natal women, children from 2 years onwards, adults, vegetarians, vegans, the active and the health conscious.