Secret Importance of Iron for Women

Posted on 4th October, 2011

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Iron is important for overall health. Iron deficiency can cause dizziness, body felt weak, indigestion, and fatigue. Thus, women in particular who was pregnant and menstruating need more iron. Likewise, long-distance runners athletes and vegetarians.

So why, some argue whether as a vegetarian lifestyle is healthier since the lack of iron intake. But still, for you vegetarians, iron can be obtained from the cereal grains, green leafy vegetables like spinach. Meanwhile, for those who are not vegetarians certainly easier to get the iron as in meat and fish. Intake of vitamin C supplements or eating fruits that contain vitamin C such as oranges can also help the body more quickly and effectively absorb iron.

Women who were undergoing diet often avoid foods containing iron. So that no deficiency, you can replace it with lamb meat and beef with no fat, low calorie, and high in iron.

Without iron, your body will lack oxygen. Conditions that could lead to the weakness of our body’s vital systems. Though the body needs it to produce new red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the lungs and then spread to all parts of the body. Hemoglobin in the blood cells that are rich in iron.

However, that should be understood that is not how much iron our bodies, but how many are able to absorb the body. Coffee and tea contain substances that can block the absorption of iron. Thus, avoid drinking it along with your food.