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No Worries with Simple Remedy

Posted on 3rd October, 2011

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UNDER PRESSURE: There are natural ways to relieve stress

WHILE SOME people turn to medication to help alleviate the symptoms of stress, others worry about possible side effects, and look for a natural solution.

Rescue Remedy, a combination of five BachTM Original Flower Remedies, is specially blended to help people to cope with stressful situations, quickly restoring inner calm.

The product is relied upon by millions of people who consider it to be safe and effective, when things get too much.

Leila Abachi, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner at Nelsons Pharmacy, told The Voice: “Two quick sprays of Rescue Remedy Spray on the tongue will help restore calm and focus. It’s natural and non-drowsy too.”

The fact that 30 per cent of GP appointments are used to discuss mental health problems, suggests that stress levels at work in the UK are rising.

The Government recently announced that it is to introduce a new approach to help people with work-related stress, by trebling the number of employment advisers in GP surgeries.

Whilst serious or ongoing problems with stress should be addressed by a GP, there are a number of simple ways that employees can help themselves with natural stress relief solutions.

Rescue Remedy has five top tips to help workers under pressure to stay calm:

Cut out caffeine
It stimulates the production of adrenaline, and will make you tenser. Drink plenty of water instead to help flush out impurities and keep your energy up.
Try deep breathing
When we are nervous, our stressed breathing tends to be shallow and rapid, whereas we breathe more deeply and slowly when we are relaxed.
Exercise your way to inner calm
Have you ever noticed how the world can look much brighter after some exercise? This is due to the ‘feel good’ endorphins released after working out.
Go for a brisk walk at lunchtime to get away from your desk and those thoughts of work, as well as getting your heart pumping.

Be a smiler, not a frowner
Positive thinking and a willingness to accept things outside our control are good ways to reduce tension.

Meditate your way to inner calm
Meditation has been shown to boost the immune system, calm the mind, get rid of negative thoughts, and even fight disease.