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Taking care of your baby when they are teething

Posted by Susan Gianevsky on 5th February, 2014

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We all know that crying is a normal part of everyday life when it comes to infants but sometimes the crying might happen more often than it should, indicating that your baby is most uncomfortable. Teething can be a difficult stage for both parents and their baby however if this stage is supported with effective treatment protocols it can be celebrated with your baby.
There are so many classes mothers to be go to and so many brochures sitting on the coffee table at home…but nothing quite prepares mothers for their baby’s teething time. Everyone seems to have their own secret remedies that have been passed on but when you are surrounded by your baby’s ongoing crying it hurts you just as much as them. Your baby’s sleepless nights and your loss of sleep all add up and you become as irritable as your infant.
During the teething stage mothers need a fast, natural and convenient solution that will settle their baby. Since 1970 Teetha has been trusted by mothers in the UK with over 1 million packs sold each year. Each sachet of Teetha contains the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla 6c, lactose & xylitol in a powder form making it so easy for mothers to tip into baby’s mouth where it dissolves instantly.
The homeopathic remedy Chamomilla is prepared from a herb called German Chamomile. This is an annual flowering plant which is widespread in Europe. Chamomilla is believed to be extremely beneficial for people who are sensitive to pain and irritability and is traditionally used to relieve these symptoms. It is a homeopathic remedy prescribed for infants all around the world due to its effectiveness during teething.
Teetha is a natural remedy that may assist infants at all stages of their teething journey in a convenient easy to use form.