All about Iron, Woman

Posted by Harriet Brown on 24 Jun 2013 | Spatone

I am an elite Ironwoman and I competed in the surf ironwoman series. However, in this article I am talking about a different kind of iron, woman. I am talking about you and the important dietary mineral… iron. As an athlete I am constantly pushing my body to the limit in training and during competition. […]

Secret Importance of Iron for Women

Posted on 4 Oct 2011 | Spatone

Iron is important for overall health. Iron deficiency can cause dizziness, body felt weak, indigestion, and fatigue. Thus, women in particular who was pregnant and menstruating need more iron. Likewise, long-distance runners athletes and vegetarians. So why, some argue whether as a vegetarian lifestyle is healthier since the lack of iron intake. But still, for […]

Spatone: Fast Facts

Posted on 3 Oct 2011 | Spatone

Spatone fact 1: Low iron is the most common mineral insuffiency in the world. Spatone fact 2: Gentle on the stomach yet effective, especially suitable for people with low tolerance of other iron containing medications. Spatone fact 3: Menstruation and pregnancy both increase the body’s need for additional iron. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy. […]