Strong Defence for the Springtime Attack

Posted on 10 Oct 2012 | Ki

Strong Defence for the Springtime Attack – Don’t let allergies keep you locked inside this season. Around 20% of Australians suffer from Hayfever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), symptoms are often annoying and can sap energy levels, leaving people feeling washed out and fatigued. Sufferers often feel as though allergy symptoms cut into their productivity and they […]

Man flu: does it really exist?

Posted on 20 Jul 2012 | Ki

Until recently, I’d never before experienced it. I’ve seen women roll their eyes at their significant other as he writhes on the floor in agony after a few harmless sneezes. I’ve heard tales of men taking to their beds and expecting to be waited on for merely having a tickle in his throat. I thought […]

Anti-Aging: Shiitake mushrooms provide benefits beyond kitchen

Posted on 1 Feb 2012 | Ki

First cultivated in Asia over 1,000 years ago, Shiitake mushrooms were recognized for their ability to enhance youth and vitality. Widely consumed as a food for thousands of years in the East and more recently in the West, today, the Shiitake mushroom’s benefits stretch beyond the kitchen. A natural Shiitake complex has been shown in […]

Men Suffer More From Flu Compared To Women

Posted on 14 Oct 2011 | Ki

A new study in Europe shows that men can catch more cough and colds than women, at least as far as mice go. Researchers from the Queens Mary University of London experimented and studied the immune systems of male and female mice that were subjected to various types of infections. The findings showed that female […]