Bach Flower courses with Jane Brenan

Bach Flower courses with Jane Brenan BFRP & Training

I have a background in business and finance, escaping from the corporate world of banking many years ago to become the driving administration force behind several successful businesses within the health field.  With my partner Richard we operate The Wellington School of Massage Therapy, and 2 clinics; Amazing Value Massage (our professional student clinic); and Radiant Health Centre (our treatment clinic) – all based in Wellington NZ. I love powerful flowers and Bach Remedies are a special passion of mine that I share as a tutor and Bach Practitioner.

My background in the corporate world gave me such an insight into how stressed people become in their daily work lives, and how easy it is to take this home with them. I am constantly amazed when teaching Bach Remedies when I ask students “what is it you do or notice when you are stressed?” And so many of them do not know – they lack the resources and/or language to understand what is being asked. Dr Bach, all those years ago, realised that the piece that was missing in his medical training was to actually talk to people about how they are coping, encouraging them to understand what is happened for them and to be able to talk about it.  What a powerful gift! And this is what I am constantly striving to get students to understand and use in all aspects of their lives. The world would be a different place if we talked to each other and listened, reflected and understood what is happening for others.

Courses – The Bach International Education Programme (BIEP)

I teach all 3 levels of the Bach International Education Programme accredited courses in our classroom in New Zealand and, when invited, in Australia.  I love teaching Level 1 in the classroom and also work with students who are unable to get to the classroom with Level 1 DLP, which is the only level of training which is also available by distance learning. Level 2 is the advanced level where you get to understand the Remedies at a deeper level; and with Level 3, this is the Practitioner level training for those who would love to help more people by working professionally with clients to work to become a Bach Remedies Registered Practitioner (BFRP). All details are on my web site or you can contact me at any time. Love to hear from you.


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