Bach Original Flower Remedies

The cocktail that can cure shyness

Posted on 10 Jul 2013 | Bach Original Flower Remedies

Cocktails that cure homesickness, procrastination, inattentiveness and shyness? That’s just what the doctor ordered. The Victoria Room, a restaurant and bar in the inner-Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst and older sibling of Sydney’s whimsical Tea Salon, has created a drinks’ menu with a difference – one that will give cocktail sippers ample justification to order just […]

Scared of Heights? This might be the solution…

Posted on 26 Feb 2013 | Bach Original Flower Remedies

Winning Mimulus story from our last issue I have always been terrified of heights and would end up in tears clinging to a railing if I had to climb anything higher than one storey! With a trip to Europe coming up my husband was determined to visit the Swiss Alps and travel to the top […]

Walnut Bach Story – the link breaker

Posted on 12 Dec 2012 | Bach Original Flower Remedies

Hi, My name is Linda Krick, I am a Medical Herbalist on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I use Bach remedies often with my patients and get amazing results. Earlier this year I lost my elderly father after a long and difficult death. It was emotionally hard to watch his health fail over the previous […]


Posted on 12 Dec 2012 | Bach Original Flower Remedies

Give your confidence a helping hand with Bach™ Original Flower Remedies How much do you value yourself? Do you believe you can cope with life and all it throws at you, taking pride in your achievements and learning from failure and criticism? Or do you prefer to stay well within your comfort zone and keep […]

Great tips on taking Bach Flower Remedies

Posted on 24 Oct 2012 | Bach Original Flower Remedies

Once the remedy or combination of remedies has been chosen, take two drops in a cup of water and sip at intervals. Alternatively take two drops of each chosen remedy in a 30ml bottle of mineral water, and from this take four drops four times a day until relief is obtained. It is quite safe […]

Top 5 tips to help combat one of our biggest fears

Posted on 11 Oct 2012 | Bach Original Flower Remedies

ALONE IN THE CROWD? Research reveals loneliness is one of our biggest fears – and it is on the rise. A recent survey has found that loneliness is the biggest fear for nearly a quarter of adults.  It is the third biggest fear after illness (39%) and finances (35%) with more people fearing feeling lonely (23%) […]

Bach to Nature

Posted on 3 Oct 2011 | Bach Original Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London, where he worked in general practice. As a bacteriologist and pathologist he originally worked on vaccines and ‘homoeopathic nosodes’ which are still known as the seven Bach nosodes. He became fed up with the way doctors seemed to concentrate just on diseases – completely […]