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Walnut Bach Story – the link breaker

Posted on 12th December, 2012

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Hi, My name is Linda Krick, I am a Medical Herbalist on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I use Bach remedies often with my patients and get amazing results.

Earlier this year I lost my elderly father after a long and difficult death. It was emotionally hard to watch his health fail over the previous 18 months. Mostly, I try to observe my emotions and allow them to flow and change to more positive ones, but there are times when I need some Bach Remedy support.  I found that using Rescue Remedy through the grief I was experiencing towards the end of his life,  was invaluable. The emotional release and transformation was quick and astounding.

After dad died, I seemed quite stuck in my grief for days. My energy was low and I felt quite lost. I decided to add Walnut remedy to my Bach flowers to release the past and help me move forward. I needed a link-breaker.  Quite amazingly, on the tenth day after dad died, I woke feeling my old self again. My energy was back to normal and I felt as if all was well. It is now nearly 5 months since the funeral and I have not had even one day of grief since then. It’s as if dad is with me all the time and I have no need to feel any loss in my life. His birthday anniversary was last month. Of course I remembered him that day, but with great joy and delight. I came home after work, lit a candle and had a beer to honour him. It felt wonderful. Thanks to Walnut, the link-breaker, he is with me always.


Linda Krick B.Nat.Ther., DBM