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Scared of Heights? This might be the solution…

Posted on 26th February, 2013

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Winning Mimulus story from our last issue

I have always been terrified of heights and would end up in tears clinging to a railing if I had to climb anything higher than one storey!

With a trip to Europe coming up my husband was determined to visit the Swiss Alps and travel to the top of the major Alps by chairlift.

I dreaded this but did not want to deny him the opportunity to do so.

I made a remedy of Mimulus and Rock Rose taking it for 2 weeks before we travelled and continued taking this on our journey. As we boarded the first chairlift I took a quick dose and a deep breath. As we rose further and further from the ground I not only realised I was no longer terrified but I was able to lean out the window of the capsule to take photos. My new found confidence with heights allowed me to travel up other mountains and climb to the top of a couple of cathedrals in Europe. The last time we visited Sydney I refused to climb across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Now I’m keen to return and take that climb.

I tell everyone who is afraid of heights about this remedy!

Kind regards