Bach Original Flower Remedies

Great tips on taking Bach Flower Remedies

Posted on 24th October, 2012

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Once the remedy or combination of remedies has been chosen, take two drops in a cup of water and sip at intervals. Alternatively take two drops of each chosen remedy in a 30ml bottle of mineral water, and from this take four drops four times a day until relief is obtained. It is quite safe to take these as often as needed. Hold the dose in the mouth for a few moments before swallowing.

Drops can be added to a baby’s bottle or a child’s fruit juice.

NB: The remedies can be taken alongside medication, including homeopathic remedies, without interference at all.

For fluctuating moods
For daily ups and downs such as temporary tiredness or frustration, a few drops of the appropriate remedy can be taken in a cup of water, fruit juice, tea or any other drink, and sipped fairly frequently till symptoms fade.

Taking the drops undiluted
If no liquid is available you can take two drops direct from the stock bottle, though please note that this will mean a direct intake of alcohol. Avoid contact between the dropper and your mouth for hygienic reasons.


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